Haaata grammatik >=(

Usch, jag fattar fan inte ett skit av tysk grammatik asså!
Satt nyss med mamma som försökte förklara för mig.. men nee, det går bara inte, e så jävla svårt =/ kommer inte gå bra alls på provet =/ jag hade fan MVG förra året i tyska.. nu har jag väl knappt VG känns det som =(
Jag har iaf skrivt klart min engelska berättelse nu.. Nån som vill läsa? Här e den iaf =P

Merry Christmas Mary!

Once upon a time there was an eight-year-old girl named Mary that hade started doubt Santa Claus a little bit. Was he real?

It was the 24th of December, only one night left. Mary lied in her bed and it was pretty late. Outside the window she could see the stars and the moon very clear. It was full moon. Mary laid in her bed and watched the big, beautiful, yellow moon. Then she thought she saw something flickering past the moon very fast, and she thought she heard a bell ring. She sat up to listening for more, but she heard nothing, everything was quiet, except for the horses that had started to neigh. She got up from her bed and putted her feet in her slippers, and then she tripped on her toes to the window, opened it and jumped out.

She landed on the ground very softly, almost like a cat, then she walked quietly to the stable door, opened it very carefully, and without a sound she disappeared into the shadows.

Inside the stable it was very, very dark. She groped for the light bottom, when she found it she pressed it, and there was light for a second, but then there was a loud "BAM" and everything went dark again and Mary thought she heard a pair of tiny feet running across the floor.

-Hello...? Somebody here? Mary asked.

She got no answer. But she noticed that the horses were way to quiet. Usually they always starts to neigh when someone enters the stable.

When her eyes had gotten used to the dark a little bit, she went to the closest stall, she opened the stall door and a pair of big browns eyes looked back at her. Mary pushed the big horse head away, and looked into the stall. There was no strange with it. But wait; there was food in the crib? Someone had filled the crib with oats, and had given the horse some carrots too!


Mary closed the stall door and went to check the closest stalls, and it was the same thing there too! Someone had filled all the cribs with oats!      

Mary walked to her favourite horse's stall. She opened the door, and what!? There was no horse inside! There was a reindeer instead! The reindeer stopped eating and looked at Mary, then it bended it's head and begun eating some oats again.

A reindeer!? Mary wondered.. Santa's reindeer?

She checked all the stalls, and found that eight stalls had a reindeer instead of a horse standing in it! But where could the horses be then?

Suddenly she heard that sound again, the sound of a pair of small feet tripping across the floor. She turned on the spot very fast, and thought she saw a small man with a little hat running across the floor. Santa's little helper? Mary wondered. Mary hurried after, but she was to slow. There was nothing to there.

Then Mary thought she understood what was happening.. She was dreaming! Of course she did! Because there couldn't be a real Santa Claus! And if she just went back to bed again, everything would be fine. So Mary went back to the window, climbed inside, took the slippers off (which, of course, had become wet by the snow) then she went to bed and felled asleep.

When Mary woke up the next morning, the 25th of December, she hardly remembered what had happened during the night. The only thing she had in mind was the presents, which lay under the Christmas tree, waiting for Mary to come and open them.

She glided into her slippers (which were wet? Strange Mary thought) then she ran to the living room and started opening her presents. She got a lot of things. A castle, two new dolls and some books and some other things too. When she had opened all the presents she saw one tiny present left under the Christmas tree. She grabbed it. It was a box, and inside the box there was a bell, and a letter. Mary opened the letter.

"Dear Mary.

Thank you for lending my reindeers the horses stalls during the night so they could rest. The horses are now back at their right places and the reindeers are with me. My little helpers took care of the horses that didn't have any stall to be in during the night.

Have a very merry Christmas Mary.

I give you one of Rudolf's bells as Thanks.

// Santa Claus."

And now Mary did not doubt at Santa Claus any more. He was for real!

Va den bra? =P

Nu sitter jag å käkar avokado *mums*.. vet inte riktigt vad jag ska göra nu.. borde väl plugga inför kunskapskontrollen som vi ska ha imorn... ska nog göra det..

Kram kram


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